How To Create Google Ads Call-Only Ad Campaigns

Discover how to create Google Call-Only Ads on mobile devices. Our tutorial will give you step-by-step instructions for setting up Google Ads Call Campaigns.

You can start by watching our video below, or watch it directly on YouTube. We will show you how to set-up click-to-call Google ads so people can easily call your business after searching one of your targeted keywords.

Create Call-Only Ads Video Tutorial

Setting Up Google Call-Only Ad Campaigns

It may seem difficult to create mobile Google phone call campaigns, but the set-up is very similar to your standard search campaign. I will walk you through the step-by-step process in this article.

Step 1 – Set-Up Phone Call Conversion Tracking

1. Open your Google Ads account.
2. Click on the ‘Tools & Settings’ link on the top bar.
3. Click on ‘Conversions’ from the drop-down menu.
4. Click the blue plus-sign (+) to create a new conversion action.
5. Click on the ‘Phone Calls’ option.

new conversion action in google ads for phone calls

6. Click on the option ‘Calls from ads using call extensions or call-only ads’ and Continue to the next step.

calls from ads using call extensions or call-only ads

7. Name your Phone Call conversion.
8. Set a Value on your conversion based on how much a phone call is worth to your business.
9. Set the Count to ‘One’ to count each unique phone call conversion.
10. Choose a Call length in seconds that would represent a conversion for your business.
11. Choose ‘Yes’ to Include in Conversions when running your Google Ads campaigns.
12. Select ‘Create and Continue’ to finalize the process.

set up phone call conversion for call only google ads

Step 2 – Create a New Campaign

1. Go back to your Campaign screen in Google Ads.
2. Click on the plus sign to create a new campaign.

Create a campaign in Google Ads

3. Choose ‘Leads’ as your goal. Since we set-up the Phone Call conversion as a Lead, we want to optimize for Leads.

Select Leads as your goal

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