Google Ads Call Campaigns: Complete Guide for 2023

When you own a business, you want to create an easy way for your customers to access you directly from anywhere at any time. When searching for businesses, most people Google their needs on the go through their mobile devices. Integrating your business’s phone number using Google Ads allows people to connect with your business through the simple click of a button.

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Phone calls to your business are the most direct and effective way to get in touch and hire you for your services or purchase your products. According to Think with Google, 60% of smartphone users contact a business directly through search results using the “click to call” button.

The Google Ads Call Campaign set up for your business can be a powerful way to connect with your customers and turn their search results into your sales. Read on to learn more about Google Ads Call Campaigns and how to use them to streamline and maximize your potential revenue.

What are Google Ads Call Campaigns?

Google Ads Call Campaigns are ads designed to encourage potential customers to call you by simply clicking or tapping your ad directly through their search results. These ads are designed to only appear on mobile devices. Call campaigns are simple and include essential pieces of information to make your customers make an informed decision quickly. The ads include your business name, phone number, website URL, and a quick description of how your business can solve your customer’s problems.

How Do Google Ads Call Campaigns Work?

The main goal of a Google Ads Call Campaign is to give your target audience greater visibility and enhance your search results position. When are user clicks on the ad, it will not link to a traditional landing page but open directly into a link or ads your business’s phone number to their dial pad so they can call you immediately? You can manage your Google Ads Call Campaign to ensure your call options are only displayed when your business is open, so you never miss a call.

Benefits of Using Call Campaigns

Google Ads Call Campaigns provide a benefit for businesses that are looking to gain more traction by using phone calls over website visits. If your primary goal is to drive phone calls, you should utilize the Call Campaigns option of Google Ads.

Call-only ads are one of the most effective ways to generate sales and leads. People have an opportunity to talk to a real person creating a stronger connection and allowing them to make better decisions about what they want to buy. Communication is clearer, and you can answer any questions they have on the spot. It helps to build trust in your business while growing your customer base.

How to Create Call Campaigns

Setting up a Google Ads Call Campaign is fairly straightforward. Before you begin, you want to ensure your business has a URL that Google can verify when creating your ads. The URL could be your website’s landing page so Google can confirm your business’s phone number. Here are the steps to setting up your Google Ads Call Campaigns.

  1. Set Up or Log in to your Google Ads Account – If you haven’t done this already, create a Google Ads account. You can use your Google Ads for reporting, marketing, and more.
  2. Click on Campaigns in the page menu located on the left.
  3. Click on the plus (+) button. Select New Campaign to get started.
  4. Select the Sales or Leads goal based on your preferences. You can choose to create your campaign without a goal by selecting Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance.
  5. Select the Search campaign type. Select how you want to reach your goals by checking the box next to Phone Calls. Input your business’s phone number and click continue.
  6. Choose and enter your campaign name at the top of the page.
  7. In the “Add Display Network” card, select “No” (call ads don’t show on the Display Network).
  8. Enter your goals by selecting your target goal and adjusting your bidding options. You’ll want to enter your daily budget and adjust any other settings you would like to have for your campaign.
  9. Select Save and Continue.

Once you’ve created your new call campaign, you’ll want to create a new call ad. Your ad is what will be displayed in the search when customers search your keywords. Follow these steps to create your call-only ad.

  1. Once you are signed into your Google Ads account, click on Ads & Extensions and select Ads.
  2. Click on the plus (+) button and select Call ad.
  3. Choose your ad group by selecting an add group and entering the following information:
    • Optional: Two headlines. Two headlines are recommended because it allows you to show additional text within your call ad.
    • Business name
    • Business Phone number
    • Two ad descriptions for best results
    • A final UR
    • Display path
    • Your display URL and verification URL
  4. Select a Conversion action.
  5. Select Save new ad.

How to Set Up a Call Campaign Reporting

Reporting for your marketing campaigns is essential for you to understand if your marketing budget is in the right place. You want to be sure you’re putting your money and efforts into an ad campaign that converts sales and has a high return on investment. Calls can be a challenge to track, but with Google Ads, you can set up reporting through Google’s call tracking reporting on your Google Ads dashboard. Here’s how to ensure call reporting is enabled for your campaigns.

  1. After signing into your Google Ads account, click on All campaigns on the left menu.
  2. Select settings and then click on the Account Settings tab.
  3. Scroll to Call Report and select on.

You’ll now be able to track your call-only ads, call extensions, and location extensions in your account. While you can track the number of calls you received as a result of your ad, you won’t be able to track the sales you were able to close. You can set up tracking through a call tracking tool that tracks your customer’s journey end to end.

In Summary

Marketing your business by focusing on phone calls helps you get in touch with your customers immediately. Phone calls over clicks have a conversion rate of anywhere from 10-25% compared to the 1-3% of visitors to your website. That kind of advertising can be a powerful way to grow your business.

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