Google Ads Lead Form Ad Extensions Explained

One of the major challenges that business owners face is driving leads consistently. Whether you are a Real Estate agent, Marketing agency, Accounting firm, or one of the many businesses focused on leads, you know it can be difficult to find new clients. Google Ads introduced lead form extensions, which allows advertisers to add lead forms directly to their advertisements.

Currently, you can use lead form extensions on iOS and Android devices for your search campaigns. They are also available for video campaigns, but there are limitations. To learn more about driving leads from your Google Ads, check out our video below and read the corresponding article.

Google Ads Lead Form Extensions Video


What Are Lead Form Extensions?

Lead form ad extensions are one of the Google Ads ad extensions that can be added to your search campaigns. When you use them, they will add a clickable lead form to the bottom of your advertisements on mobile and tablet devices. People can click on the lead form extension, fill out their information, and submit it directly to you without having to visit your website.

Advertisers can download all data submitted from lead form extensions for up to 30 days. In addition, you can use a webhook to import lead form data directly into your CRM.

How to Create Lead Form Extensions

You can add lead form ad extensions to an existing campaign by following the steps below.

1. Click on your Search Campaign

Click on the search campaign that you would like to add lead form extensions to. You can currently at them to the campaign-level.

1 click on your search campaign


2. Click on the Ads & extensions tab – Click on Extensions

Next, go to the ‘Extensions’ so you can create a new lead form extension or edit an existing one you already created.

2 go to google ads ad extensions


3. Click to Add an Extension and choose ‘Lead form extensions’ from the dropdown menu

You will be able to create your form and add it to your campaign after this step.

3 click on lead form extensions


4. Create new Extension or Use the existing lead form if you have one created already

You will need to create the extension, lead form, and submission message.

4 create lead form extension


5. Create your Extension

Choose your call-to-action from the dropdown list and set your extension text.

5 create your extension to add lead forms to your google ads


6. Create your Lead Form

Set your headline, business name, description, the information you want to ask for, your privacy policy URL, and the background image.

6 create your lead form


7. Create your Submission Message

Create your form submission message, headline, description, call-to-action, and call-to-action URL.

7 create lead form submission message


8. Download leads or Manage leads with a Webhook

You can either download the leads directly through the Google Ads interface or use a Webhook URL and a Key to import the information directly into your CRM. The leads will expire after 30 days, so you need to download them at least once per month.

8 lead delivery option use webhook url


9. Click on Save

Once you click on the ‘Save’ button, you can create your lead form ad extension.

9 save lead form ad extension google ads


In Summary

If you are focused on driving leads and you are not accepting phone calls, you should consider testing lead form extensions for your search campaigns. You can easily add them to your Google Ads search campaigns and download leads when they are submitted.

It is a great way to reach potential customers and clients on the search network. Since your landing pages can drag down your conversion rate, lead form ad extensions will allow people to submit their information as they search in Google.

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