How to Create Google Ads Conversion Action Sets

If you are trying to learn more about Google Ads conversion tracking, conversion action sets are a feature you need to understand. You can optimize for multiple conversions in your campaigns, and set Google Ads conversion action sets at the campaign-level.

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Google Ads Conversion Action Sets


How to Create Google Ads Conversion Action Sets

In order to get started with conversion action sets, you will need multiple conversions in your Google Ads account. You can read our guide about Google Ads conversion tracking here.

Once you have 2 or more conversion actions in your account, you will be able to create conversion action sets. They will allow you to optimize and set a value on multiple conversions in your account.

1. Open your Google Ads Account.
2. Click on the Tools & Settings link on the top bar, and click on the ‘Conversions’ link from the drop-down menu.
3. Import the conversion actions you need for your Google Ads account.
4. Click on the ‘Conversion Action Sets’ tab to create your first action set.
5. Name your Conversion Action Set, add the Conversions you want to optimize your campaign for, and name your action set.
6. Click on the Google Ads campaign you’d like to use this Conversion Action Set with.
7. Click on the campaign settings.

Campaign Types for Conversion Action Sets

As of September 2019, conversion action sets are available for Google Ads search campaigns and display campaigns. You cannot use them at this time for the other campaign types, but that may change in the future. Please refer to the latest Google Ads policies for changes.

Why Use Conversion Action Sets?

There are plenty of reasons that you need to optimize your campaigns for multiple conversion actions. For example, if you have a local business that keeps track of online bookings and phone calls, both of them can be used when you are optimizing your Google Ads campaigns.

In addition, eCommerce stores can track sales, newsletter sign-ups, new accounts, add to cart actions, and more. And best of all, you are able to set a specific value on every action, which can be very useful when you are utilizing the Target ROAS bidding strategy.

Conversion Actions Need to Be Active in Your Account

If you have old conversion actions that are not active in your account, you cannot use them in your conversion action sets. You need to have 2 or more active conversions in your Google Ads account to use action sets.

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