Google Display Ads: Complete Guide For 2021

google display ads

Welcome to the Google Display Ads guide by Surfside PPC. We have plenty of different video and article lessons below, and everything is completely free. We cover everything you need to know about Google Display Ads campaigns, the Google Display […]

11 Google Display Ads Strategies

google display ads strategies

Check out our video and article below to discover the top Google Display Ads strategies. There is a ton to learn when it comes to the Google Display Network and Google Display Advertising, so our goal is to give you […]

Gmail Ads: Complete Guide For 2020

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If you have a Gmail account, you have probably noticed the advertisements at the top of the ‘Social’ and ‘Promotions’ tabs. There are generally 2 advertisements in each tab that look something like the example below.   You may be […]

Google Ads Smart Display Campaigns Guide for 2020

google ads smart display campaigns tutorial

Are you running Google Display Ads? It can be very complicated when you are just getting started. There are different targeting methods, ad types, bidding strategies, and display campaign strategies. Smart Display campaigns make it much easier to target potential […]

Google Ads In-Market Audiences Explained

google ads in-market audiences

When you are creating your Google Ads campaigns, the audiences you target are very important to your overall success. One of the main categories of people you can target are known as ‘In-Market’ audiences. With In-Market targeting, you can reach […]

Google Ads Custom Intent Audiences Explained

google ads custom intent audience targeting

One of the targeting options available in Google Ads is called ‘Custom Intent’ audiences. They were created so advertisers could essentially build their own In-Market audiences. Since many advertisers are focused on reaching customers as they research a specific purchase, […]

How To Exclude Mobile Apps for Google Display Ads

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Browse This Article: Exclude Mobile Apps in Google Ads Video Tutorial Method 1 – How to Exclude Mobile App Categories from Google Display Ads Campaigns Method 2 – How to Exclude Mobile App Categories Using Google Ads Editor How to […]

Google Responsive Display Ads: Complete Guide 2020

google responsive display ads

Google Responsive Display Ads can be difficult to understand at first. When you get started with Google Display Ads, one of the main aspects of your campaign is ad creation. Our video tutorial and article below will help guide you […]

What is the Google Display Network (GDN)?

what is the google display network

A common question you may have as you get started with Google Display Ads is “What is the Google Display Network?” You want to know where your display advertisements will appear. If you want to learn more about the Google […]