6 New Google Keyword Planner Updates

You can find our complete guide to the Google Keyword Planner here.

Google Keyword Planner Updates Video

Check out our video where we cover the 6 new Google Keyword Planner features that were announced. The Google Keyword Planner has changed over the years, and with the new Google Ads interface, Google released the new Keyword Research Tool.


Google Keyword Planner Updates Listed

You can check out our Google Keyword Planner tutorial above. Below, we listed the 6 new feature announcements to the Google Ads Keyword Tool.

  1. More Seed Keywords
  2. You can enter up to 10 different keywords in order to find relevant keywords for your campaign.

  3. Keyword Trends
  4. You can view and download trends for individual keywords you are researching. If you know some of the different seasonal trends, you know when to optimize for certain keywords.

  5. Grouped Ideas
  6. You can view grouped ideas for the keywords that you enter, which can be great when you are building campaigns or creating content.

  7. Save An Idea to An Existing Campaign
  8. You can save keyword ideas and add keywords to a campaign that you have already created. It is much easier to create a Google Ads search campaign using the Google Keyword Planner.

  9. Suggested Budget
  10. Google Ads will give you a suggested daily budget based on a Max CPC bid, keyword search volume, and forecasted cost for the keyword.

  11. Competition Value Column
  12. You can get more information now about the overall competition for each keyword. The competition value is new and you can utilize it for your SEO and PPC efforts.

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