What To Know About Google Ads Broad Match Keywords

If you are just getting started with Google Ads, you probably have a lot of questions. One of the main things you need to learn about are the different keyword match types for search campaigns. Broad match keywords are one of the main match types.

What are Google Ads Broad Match Keywords?

Google Ads broad match keywords are one of the keywords that are used in a Google Ads campaign. You target keywords with different match types to determine which search queries will trigger your ads. Broad match keywords are the most general type of keyword, and they can match to a wide variety of search queries that are related to your chosen keyword. This means that your ads may be shown to users who are searching for terms that are slightly different from your chosen keyword, but still somewhat related to it.

The two other match types are phrase match keywords and exact match keywords.

Broad Match Keywords Video

In this video, I answer the question: Should You Upgrade Existing Google Ads Keywords to Broad Match? You can watch the video directly on YouTube here.


How do I Target Broad Match Keywords?

When you are creating Ad Groups for your search campaign, you target keywords with no identifiers for broad match. For example, phrase match keywords have quotes around them and exact match keywords have brackets around them.

For example, if I am targeting the keyword books for sale, here is how you would target it with different match types:

  • books for sale – Broad Match
  • “books for sale” – Phrase Match
  • “books for sale” – Exact Match

Broad Match Keywords Example

For example, if you were running a Google Ads campaign for a book store, you might use the broad match keyword books to trigger your ads to be displayed whenever someone searches for something related to books. This could include searches for “best books to read,” “children’s books,” or even “bookstore near me.” However, it may also include searches like “how to write books” and “pictures of books,” which aren’t likely to drive conversions for book sales.

Why You Shouldn’t Target Broad Match Keywords

The best keyword match type for relevancy and volume is phrase match. The issue with targeting broad match keywords is your ads will show for search queries that are unlikely to convert. It will waste more of your budget as you are testing and your ROAS will take longer to optimize. It will require a great negative keyword strategy to have success with broad match keywords in Google Ads.

Why You Should Use Broad Match Keywords

You will get access to more volume and search queries that your ad wouldn’t otherwise show for. If you have a large budget, it’s worth testing broad match keywords. As you can see, these keywords are broad and general, and they could match to a wide variety of search queries that are related to the keyword. This is why broad match keywords are often a good starting point for a Google Ads campaign, as they can help you to get a sense of which search queries are relevant to your business and what kind of ads are performing well.

In Summary

Broad Match keywords are the default match type through Google Ads and they have improved over the years. However, as the name suggests, they can be too broad when you want your ads to show for relevant searches. Personally, I prefer phrase match keywow

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