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Driving traffic for Ecommerce website owners is the biggest pain point. You need targeted and relevant traffic to drive sales, but it’s not always easy to build at first. Think of a storefront, when you open a small business you need to advertise it in the place where people are looking for you in order to drive customers. A website is no different than that.

You can start by viewing our video below if you’d like and we also have our article below that to help give you all the information you need.

Ecommerce Website Traffic Video


I have five ideas below for you that will help you drive both organic and paid traffic to your website. All of these ideas are popular in 2017 and should work for years to come.

5 Ways To Drive Ecommerce Website Traffic

1. Build Content

Add blog articles, add new products, add product videos, start a podcast, create list blog articles, and solve customers problems with your content. The number one reason Ecommerce websites struggle to drive traffic is because they have no content.

2. Optimize Product Pages

Do you have extensive descriptions and specs available for your products? Do you have videos that show off your products as well? Do product pages list related products? Are there any product reviews? Quickly go to a few competitor websites and compare your product pages against them. If they have a lot more content than yours and if they are more helpful than yours, then Google and Bing have no reason to rank you above competitors.

Optimizing product pages can help you drive additional traffic directly to the pages where you have products for sale.

3. Build Social Media and Email List Communities

Ultimately, your goal is to build a beautiful website with great content that helps you build an audience. Political news websites are able to build huge audiences by creating content and constantly pushing it out on social channels. Are you doing anything like this for your website? Do you have an email list where you send out regular newsletters and updates?

If you have an audience of even 1,000 engaged people through your social media channels and email list, you can quickly drive traffic to your new content and new products, which will help you drive sales.

4 . PPC Advertising with AdWords, Bing Ads, etc.

Google AdWords and Bing Ads allow you to not only target keywords with search text ads but they also allow you to upload product catalogs to their Merchant Centers so you can run Product Listing Ads. Shopping Campaigns through Google AdWords and Bing Ads work extremely well because people are actively searching for your products and they can see an image of the product and the price right from the search results.

5. Social Advertising with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Paid advertising with Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, Twitter ads, and more has become extremely popular. Not only do these channels have incredible advertising platforms, they have huge audiences that you can target. I recommend starting with Facebook and Instagram because they are two of the best ad networks you can use.

I have seen great success with Ecommerce websites using social networks. My number one recommendation is to make sure you have conversion tracking set-up to track sales on your website that tie back to marketing campaigns. By using conversion tracking, you can create Website Conversion campaigns through Facebook and actually bid to drive more sales rather than just traffic.


Hopefully the ideas above give you everything you need to drive more traffic and sales to your Ecommerce website. These are methods to drive targeted and relevant traffic to your website every single day so the faster you implement them the better. Major companies use these same strategies online so you need to employ them too.

Why Ecommerce Websites Fail

Many times when I have a website owner as why their Ecommerce website gets no traffic, they usually aren’t doing anything to expand the website with new content and expand the community through social and email marketing programs. Their website usually remains static and not much goes on outside of the website to build traffic.

The other issue I see very often is that the website is not optimized for search engines. URLs are not descriptive, Meta Descriptions are not set, Titles are not optimized, Images are not optimized, Content is thin and not helpful, and there are 0 blog articles to help promote products and solve customers current problems. An optimized website can go a long way in driving traffic to your website.

In Conclusion

Start employing these methods right away and continue doing them every single day. What you do today will help you drive traffic tomorrow and what you do this month will help you drive traffic next month.

Rather than setting traffic goals, set content goals and start building content. Set optimization goals and start building your website. Set email newsletter goals and send out 2-3 per month while building your email list. Stop focusing on things like “I need 100,000 visitors per month to my website” and instead focus on “I need to push out 20 blog articles this month while optimizing my product pages.” Only when your mindset changes will you be able to constantly grow traffic.

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