Google Analytics UTM Tracking and Campaign URL Builder Tutorial

UTM Tracking can be valuable for a business owner who wants to understand the impact of their Marketing and Advertising campaigns. In addition, the Campaign URL Builder is useful to track paid and organic traffic from different sources.

In the video below, I will explain how UTM Tracking works and how to create tracking URLs using the Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder. You can now track your Marketing campaigns with ease.

UTM Tracking and Campaign URL Builder


What is UTM Tracking?

UTM Tracking allows you to add tracking parameters to your URLs, which you can use to track into Google Analytics. It allows you to track specific campaigns that drive traffic from multiple sources. For example, you can track your Pinterest Ads campaigns and Facebook Ads campaigns separately and understand what source of traffic is more profitable.

What is a UTM Tracking Code?

UTM codes are added to the end of your URL and they allow you to track specific clicks and performance for campaigns. You can track traffic sources, whether or not it is paid or organic traffic, specific campaigns and promotions, specific advertisements, and the advertising targeting you are utilizing.


The example URL above would allow me to track sign-ups, engagement, and performance for a paid advertising campaign I am running with Facebook Ads.

What is the Campaign URL Builder

The Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder is a free tool you can find here. This tool allows you to easily add campaign parameters to URLs so you can track Custom Campaigns in Google Analytics.

How to Track URLs

You may be wondering: How do I create a tracking link?

You can start by using the Campaign URL Builder and set-up your Website URL, Campaign Source, Campaign Medium, Campaign Name, Campaign Term, and Campaign Content.

setting url utm parameters campaign url builder google analytics

Then, you want to copy the generated UTM tracking URL and use it as a destination URL. Whether you want to track traffic from social media posts or paid advertising campaigns, you can use the Google Analytics URL Builder.

utm tracking url example

Why Use UTM Tracking?

UTM Tracking in Google Analytics will give you the opportunity to understand your marketing campaigns and advertising campaigns in addition to the different sources of traffic that are driving your conversions. You can find your top sources of traffic and learn for future campaigns, which will help you drive the best results within your budget.

What does UTM stand for?

The abbreviation ‘UTM’ Stands for Urchin Tracking Module. It is the unique format that Google uses to track URLs with parameters, which allows advertisers and website owners to track different traffic sources to their website and understand their impact.

UTM Parameters

The most commonly used UTM Parameters are Campaign Name, Campaign Source, Campaign Medium, Campaign Term, and Campaign Content. Once you have the final URL, you can set your UTM parameters with ease.

Below, you can learn more about the different UTM Parameters and how they are used.

Campaign Source is tracked using utm_source

Campaign source will help you identify the source of your traffic. Some common examples include Google, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Campaign Medium is tracked using utm_medium

Campaign medium will help you determine the type of traffic you are getting. For example, did someone click on a paid search ad, is it organic traffic, is it referral traffic, is it social media traffic, or is it traffic from a newsletter?

Campaign Name is tracked using utm_campaign

Campaign name allows you to seperate your different campaigns to understand the top traffic sources for your marketing campaigns.

Campaign Term is tracked using utm_term

Campaign term can be used to determine the keyword that drove traffic to your website or the type of targeting you used for each click.

Campaign Content is tracked using utm_content

Campaign content is used for your different advertisements that you created to drive traffic back to your website.

How to Track Marketing Campaigns in Google Analytics

The video below will show you how to track some of your different Paid Advertising and Digital Marketing campaigns in Google Analytics. It is important to track everything to understand the sources of traffic that drive the most conversions for your business.

In Summary

UTM parameters are easy to use once you learn how to create tracking URLs. The main reason you want to track your Marketing and Advertising campaigns is to improve them in the future. UTM Tracking and the Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder will help you accomplish that.

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