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What’s up everyone, welcome to the Surfside PPC YouTube channel. Today’s going to be a quick news update, so YouTube announced that they’re going to be adding ad extensions. They already have a couple of different ad extensions that you can add, but they’re all based around physical store locations. So, if you have a physical store location you can add that to your YouTube ad as an extension, but they announced on October 1, 2018 that they’re going to be adding some new ad extension options. So similar to extensions on search ads, so you’re going to be able to … It says here, “Enhance your video ad with additional useful information.” I’ve always felt like this was a missing piece YouTube, like on Facebook when you run video ads you can actually allow people to click through to your website much easier, you can promote things much easier with some of your ad copy.

Video Transcript Part 2

With YouTube I always felt like there’s just not a lot to go along with the video ads, so if the video ad doesn’t capture someone, it’s pretty much a waste of money to me, so I think this is great, great update for YouTube. So coming down here it says you can already ad location and form YouTube ad extensions, so I don’t have access to form extensions yet, but I’m going to show you location extensions in a little bit to your trueview and in-stream ads, so now they’re going to give you some different options, and they’re already showing. This is kind of what always happens. They start to release these updates to big brands. So Vodafone, Chilis, 20th Century Fox, and it’s just showing, 2.3X incremental lift in ad recall, 3.5% in click-through rate. So they haven’t announced all of the different ad extensions they’re going to be adding yet, but one of the big ones they’re showing here, and this is perfect if you’re watching a youtube video, you see a movie trailer, you can actually just buy tickets right there and see what availability they have.

Video Transcript Part 3

So you can see use cases for really anything. If they’re going to allow you to buy movie tickets like this, so if you have a concert, the musical artist can now promote to you and say, “Hey come see us at this venue near us and buy tickets using this link.” So I think it’s just much easier and it’s a lot clearer. If, let’s say, you want to go to the movies on Sunday, you click Sunday while the video’s playing and then you can book your movie right away real quick and easy, and kind of get right back to what you’re doing. So it makes it a lot easier than having people kind of say, “Okay, go to our website, find out when the availability is, find out when you’re available.” All those different types of things you can quickly let people make decisions, so … Once they do fully release out the ad extensions, generally it takes a month or two after the announce things. It really depends on what it is, but what you want to do is open your Google ads here, we have a video campaign running. This is one we did a recent tutorial.

Video Transcript Part 4

You come in here, you come to your ad group. You can just go to ads and extensions if you want, and all you need to do is click on extensions here. Okay so we obviously don’t have any added yet, so what you can do is just click create ad extension. I’m guessing the form extension is going to be rolled out soon to everybody, and then I’m guessing there’s going to be a lot more down here. Probably thinking the way site links work for search ads. I think YouTube is going to have a couple different links where you can say, “Okay buy tickets here, learn more here.” Get updates through email here so you can kind of ad different links to your ad, so that’s kind of what I think they’re going to try to do with the different ad extensions for video.

Video Transcript Part 5

But all you would do, just give you a quick example if I wanted to add this location extension, you add it, it pulls in right from your Google my business account, then you just click continue and that’s it. So once they add form extensions I’m guessing it’s going to be where you can kind of put something out there and allow … I actually haven’t seen form extensions yet, but maybe where for me, surf side PPC I can say hey get our free E-book, just enter your name email right here and then they don’t ever have to leave the video. They just have a form right there, they can click it, submit it and then they’ll automatically get my auto response email. So that’s kind of a great way for people to gain subscribers, I think it’s going to be a great way for advertisers to drive more sales through video. I do think video is just going to continue to grow because that’s kind of how most of us are consuming things these days. We kind of go to a quick video.

Video Transcript Part 6

So if you’re able to sell something really quick, and make it a great user experience for someone, you’re going to see those sales increase, you’re going to see conversions increase, and that’s basically the name of the game with Google ads and YouTube, so if you have any questions leave them in the comments, be on the lookout for YouTube ad extensions and thank you for watching our video today.

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