YouTube TrueView Video Ads Explained

youtube trueview ads

In this article, we will be covering the different types of YouTube TrueView Video Ad formats and explain more on how you can utilize them in your advertising efforts. Before we begin, if you would like more information about the different types of YouTube advertising opportunities, I invite you to visit our Surfside PPC YouTube Channel to get tips and tricks on how to navigate this powerful platform.

YouTube TrueView Ads

YouTube TrueView Video Formats

There are two different kinds of TrueView Video Ad Formats: In-Stream Ads and Video Discovery Ads. TrueView Video Advertising can be a bit confusing when you are getting started. So, we have dedicated an entire video tutorial to give you a better understanding. Our video below goes over all of the different YouTube Video Advertising formats that you can test.

We go through YouTube TrueView Video Advertisements below in more detail. TrueView Video Ads are effective because YouTube viewers have the option to skip advertisements they are not interested in. And on the flipside, you will not be required to pay for views when users have no interest in interacting with your advertisement.

YouTube TrueView In-Stream Ads

These ads run before, during and after videos on YouTube, the Google Display Network and apps. Viewers have the option to skip after five seconds. As the advertiser, you are only charged when a viewer watches at least 30 seconds of your video, the entire video, or interacts with the ad in any way via links, etc. These ads help you drive awareness for your brand and have a higher likelihood of delivering quality leads.

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YouTube In-Stream Ad Example

youtube trueview in-stream video ads

For example, we have included an image from our YouTube Ads Tutorial; if you look at the image you will see promo. This 47-second ad will play before our tutorial. You have the option to skip after five seconds; but if you were to watch more than 30 seconds or click on any of the links or the companion banner, then the advertiser will be charged. This is why they are called TrueView—you are only getting charged for a true interest in your product or service.

YouTube TrueView Video Discovery Ads

YouTube Video Discovery Ads very popular and appear in places where viewers discover content, such as search results, next to related videos, and on the YouTube mobile homepage. If you watch a YouTube Video, you will regularly see Discovery Ads alongside the other video recommendations and are developed using standard targeting methods. They require users to click on a thumbnail, and the advertiser is charged once a viewer takes this action.

We put an image below that will be helpful when you are trying to learn more about what Video Discovery Ads look like. If you open a YouTube video or perform a search in YouTube, you are likely to see this popular ad format on the page. To use another example image from our Surfside PPC tutorial, you will see a thumbnail off to the side for a video about AB Testing with Thunder Experience Cloud. If you were to click on the thumbnail, regardless of how much of the video you watch, the advertiser will be charged.

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YouTube Video Discovery Ad Example

youtube video discovery ads

Creating YouTube TrueView Ad Campaigns

Whether you are creating a Video Discovery Ad or an In-Stream Ad; the process begins at the homepage for your Google Ads account. Once you are signed in, go to your campaign screen and click on “Add a New Campaign” button.

In-Stream Ads

If you want to run an In-Stream Ad, click on “Sales” or “Leads” or “Website Traffic” and then click on “Video” and select this option. In-Stream Ads are the most used and most popular YouTube TrueView video ad format.

Video Discovery Ads

If want to run a Video Discovery Ad, click on “Product and Brand Consideration”; then click on “Video Ad Format” and select “Standard Consideration”. You can use the “Ad Sequence” option as well, but this option also allows bumper ads and other skippable and non-skippable formats—several of which are not considered TrueView Ads, because people are being forced to watch them.

As a side note, the only way to run Video Discovery ads is through the “Product and Brand Consideration” tabs. But sometimes advertisers can get confused because when they select any other format, the YouTube Video Discovery Ad option will be listed; but the system won’t allow you to insert your URL to continue setting up the ad. This might be something that Google Ads changes in the future.

YouTube Advertising Targeting

Once you have made the necessary selections, you can scroll down to search your options for where the video will appear on YouTube, targeting, etc. You can also run separate campaigns in each of the two formats to see which one will better fit your marketing and advertising goals.

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Surfside PPC YouTube Advertising Campaign Tutorial

Now, if you watch the Surfside PPC YouTube Ad Tutorial, we take you through a step-by-step advertising campaign. In this tutorial, we are setting up an In-stream TrueView Video ad; which at that time had 216 views and over 1400 impressions. Surfside PPC only got charged for the 216 views. With a campaign cost of $12.58; we paid approximately 6 cents per view and received one driven conversion. These numbers will change over time, but it gives you a good real-world scenario with which to learn.

In Summary

Regardless, YouTube TrueView Video Ads are a great option for businesses who are on a tighter budget and only want to pay for views from users who are truly interested in their content.

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