YouTube Video Ad Sequencing Tutorial

YouTube Sequence Ads can be difficult to figure out and understand at first, so we do our best to cover everything you need to know to get started. We have a YouTube Video Ad Sequencing Campaign tutorial with Google Ads video below and an explanation for how to use them effectively.

YouTube Video Ad Sequencing

Check out our YouTube Video Ad Sequencing Tutorial where we explain what they are and show you YouTube Sequence Ads best practices. What makes Sequencing Ads different is that this video ad campaign allows you to upload multiple videos to a campaign and shows them to viewers in order. You can use a specific sequence of videos to promote your product or service.

How Video Ad Sequencing Works

Have you ever wanted to show people video ads in a specific order? By using a video ad sequence campaign through YouTube and Google Ads, you can select which videos people watch in a specific order. You can describe a product in great detail or explain your entire service catalog to people by using a series of video steps. And you can now choose the exact order that people will see your video ads, which can be very useful when you want a lift in brand awareness or product consideration.

Each step is based on impressions, so when someone sees an impression of your video ad, they will move on to the next ad sequence step.

YouTube Video Ad Sequence Information

When you are creating a YouTube Video Ad Sequencing campaign, there are several limitations you need to know about.

  • Demographic targeting can be excluded only at the campaign level.
  • Campaigns can only run on the YouTube Video Network.
  • Keywords, topics, and placements can be excluded at the campaign level and may not be used in your targeting.
  • You must link your Google Ads account and your YouTube channel.
  • 1 sequence will be shown per user every 30 days, and you cannot edit the frequency.

Creating YouTube Video Sequence Campaigns

 Product and brand consideration, Brand awareness and reach, or Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance.

You first need to sign-in to your Google Ads account and link your YouTube channel to your Google Ads account. Then, you need to make sure you upload the videos to YouTube that you will be using for your sequence ads. Third, you can go to your Google Ads account, create a new video campaign, and choosing a campaign goal of product and brand consideration, brand awareness and reach, or create a campaign without a goal’s guidance.

Next, you want to select the Video Ad Sequence as the campaign type. From there, you can go through the campaign set-up. If you plan to use a mix of Bumper Ads and In-Stream Ads, you will select CPM bidding, but if you just plan to use In-Stream Video Ads, you will select cost-per-view (CPV) bidding.

youtube video ad sequencing bidding strategies

Video Ad Sequence Steps

Each step you create will be separated into a different Ad Group. When you upload a new video to your campaign, it will be separated into a new ad group, which is why targeting is all handled at the campaign level. We put an image below to show how the different steps work, and when you choose to create your campaign, each video ad sequence step will be a separate ad group.

Video Ad Sequencing Steps

You can change the order of your steps and update the steps in your campaign by adding and subtracting them.

In Summary

If you have any questions about YouTube Video Ad Sequencing campaigns, please leave them in the comments section. The best way to get started is to navigate to your Google Ads account, upload your videos to YouTube, and create your campaign.

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