What is the Google Ads Keyword Planner?

Google’s Keyword Planner is a free tool for advertisers who want to build a new Google Ads Search Network campaign or enhance existing campaigns. With it, you can search for different keywords and come up with different ad group ideas, learn more about keyword competition, find a range of bids that advertisers are using, and even create your own keyword list by creating several keyword lists together. The Keyword Planner can also be utilized for SEO because it will show you the top keywords for your business.

The Google Ads Keyword Tool even allows you to allocate and bid on keywords for your own ad campaign. You can watch our keyword planner tutorial directly on YouTube or watch the video below.

Google Ads Keyword Planner Video Tutorial


How to Use The Google Keyword Planner

You can find the Google Keyword Planner directly in your Google Ads account. Click on the ‘Tools & Settings’ icon, and then click on ‘Keyword Planner’ underneath the ‘Planning’ section on the ‘Tools & Settings’ menu.

Google Keyword Planner Features

Additionally, you can utilize the Keyword Tool to find historical keyword statistics and create keyword forecasts to plan your ad budget. Some of the more common functions in this tool include:

  • Acquiring cost and click performance forecasts.
  • Listing multiple keywords or phrases to get new ones.
  • Gathering search trends and search volume data.
  • Searching for new keywords via a category, website or phrase.
  • Learning more about keyword search volume for specific geographic regions.
  • Finding new Ad Group ideas based on the keywords you enter.

What Is The Google Keyword Planner Used For?

The keyword planner can be used to find keywords for the products and services offered by your business, create traffic forecasts using historical data directly from Google, and you can get estimated conversions and predicted clicks to see how a particular keyword might perform in your ad campaign with a set bid and budget.

Furthermore, it helps advertisers make educated decisions about how much they should bid on individual keywords and how much competitors are bidding on average. Lastly, users can find search volume statistics in order to see which keywords will prove to be effective in an existing or new ad campaign.

Keyword Research Made Easy

Google Ads advertisers can use this extensive Keyword Research tool to start gathering essential keyword information. You will learn what keywords to use for a new or existing marketing campaign. You can start searching for ad groups, keywords and key phrases that could prove to be relevant for your service, product, brand, and landing pages.

You can find our complete guide to keyword research here. There are different tools you can use when you want to find PPC keywords or SEO keywords for your business.

In Summary

The Google Keyword Planner is a great tool that allows advertisers to learn more about what people search in Google. In addition, you can use tools within the planner to build your campaigns, get estimates, and make educated decisions. By using the Keyword Planner properly, you can make organized and effective campaigns much easier in your Google Ads account.

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