What is the Google Ads Display Planner?

What is Google AdWords Display Planner

Google has built both the Google AdWords Display Planner and AdWords Keyword Planner for advertisers to understand more about the Display & Search networks. We have detailed the Google Keyword Planner and this article will cover the Google Display Planner.

Google Ads Display Planner

Google AdWords Display Planner boasts of over 2.5 million Display network websites that reach over 94 percent of Internet users around the world. There are tons of opportunities to reach your target audience on the Google Display Network.

The Display Planner has been specifically built to help PPC Advertisers find the right websites, apps, and videos to advertise on for themselves or for their clients. In order to accomplish that, Google has analyzed and categorized all websites that have opted for Display Network.

Finding The Best Display Targeting

There are many ways to tell Google Display Planner what you’re interested in. It can generate keyword, topic, video, app, and placement ideas based on your list of keywords or your landing page. It generates ideas around specific line of products. It can also generate ideas on the basis of pre-categorized topics. The list of topics is bit limited, but it is good for discovering broad range of ideas.

The Google AdWords Display Planner can also analyze your landing page and extract all relevant keywords and can generate multiple ideas based on your list. This is best for finding many “lateral keyword” ideas. You can easily add a landing page in addition to your niche topics/keywords to effectively “coach” display planner for providing better ideas.

Using Your Remarketing Audience

If you’re planning to build a Remarketing audience with your present website traffic, you can easily tailor all these methods to the audience that you already have. All keywords, placements, topics and demographics that Google Display Planner generates will be suitably filtered based on your current audience.

In Conclusion

Display Planner is built to help advertisers to serve ads in an effective way across Google’s ad network. By pulling relevant information, you’re basically enlisting Google’s help in building your persona. And in return, Google gives you an organized list of websites, videos, and apps that make the most sense for advertising based on your business.

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