What is Google AdWords?

Google is regarded as the most popular search engine with more than a billion of users every day. In addition, it can be a highly effective tool to promote your company or business.

What is Google AdWords?



Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an advertising service of Google available to those who want to display their ads on Google. This platform allows the user to set a spending budget for advertising and only pay when people click their ads. You can target and run search, display, and video ads using Google AdWords. Our article will focus more on the search network and we will have follow-up examples for the display and video networks.

Google AdWords Search Network

On the search network, you target keywords relevant to your business and drive targeted traffic to your website. If you are selling shoes then you can bid for keywords like “Black Shoes” and your ad will show when people are searching for your products.

As for selecting the correct keywords for an AdWord campaign, there are actually several options available. I go into a little more detail below about each match type.

  • Negative Match:
  • You can avoid wasted ad spend by excluding certain keywords from your campaigns. For example, if you are selling Business Presentation Software then you might want to negative a keyword like ‘Template’ or ‘Free’ so you are only reaching people who need the software and who are willing to buy.

  • Broad Match:
  • Broad match is good for high volume, high budget accounts. You will have wasted ad spend with broad match keywords because a targeted keyword like ‘boys shoes’ might show your ad for a search query like ‘mens dress sneakers,’ which won’t always be relevant.

  • Modified Broad Match:
  • Modified broad match is my favorite match type because you can put a ‘+’ in front of words that MUST be in the search query. So for example, a keyword like +boys +shoes might show for a search query like ‘nike boys shoes’ or ‘boys basketball shoes’ but it will not show for ‘nike mens sneakers.’

  • Exact Match:
  • The ad is only shown when the keyword and search query match exactly. If you target a keyword like [boys shoes] then your ad only shows when someone searches ‘boys shoes.’

  • Phrase Match:
  • Your ad shows every time someone searches a phrase that you target. For example, if you target ‘boys shoes’ then your ad will show for ‘best boys shoes’ but it won’t show for ‘boys basketball shoes’ because the word basketball splits up the phrase.

In Conclusion

Google AdWords is the product that helps Google continue to drive more and more revenue to their business based on their innovation. There are constantly new features added for search, display, and video campaigns. For any business that even considers Digital Marketing, I always recommend AdWords first because you have access to over a billion people who search for products and services all day, every day. If you can show your ad front and center for keywords that make your business more profitable, then you can keep growing with Google.

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