What is Google Adwords Express?

The popular Google AdWords online advertising service is robust and enables online entrepreneurs and businesses to monetize the traffic generated by ads in several ways. It is a very handy tool to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Internet. However, this service requires a certain level of knowledge and experience to be used proficiently, which inherently alienates people who lack that expertise. Many companies are already finding success through Google AdWords, but many others are looking for an easier way to start advertising online. Adwords Express is Google’s solution for this demographic.

Google Adwords Express

Initially known as Google Boost, Google AdWords Express is a simplified online ad service specifically targeted to local businesses. It offers micro and small businesses a quick, simple and convenient means to perform local online advertising. In other words, the ability to advertise strictly within their immediate area of influence. Adwords Express is not designed to enable international advertising campaigns like Google Adwords because the goal here is to enable businesses to take advantage of the opportunities provided by local searches. Local online advertising is one of the greatest opportunities in today’s Internet, and businesses can explore it thanks to technologies based on geolocation and the huge growth of mobile devices.

How does Google AdWords Express work?

The whole process of setting up an account and start advertising is extremely streamlined: launching an online advertising campaign is a simple matter of registering an account, providing a brief business description and contact information, and crafting a simple ad. Soon enough, people in the proximities of the business will see the geo-targeted ads in the search engines while searching for particular services or products. When ads are clicked, users are sent to the advertiser’s page, or alternatively get in contact by phone. As with sponsored link ads, businesses pay only when customers click an ad or when they call. Expenses vary based on clicks received. AdWords Express also makes life easier to many micro enterprises by not requiring a website at all to be used.

Key features of Google Adwords Express

  • Very quick and simple setup – Doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to set up an account and start a new advertising campaign.
  • No experience necessary
  • No need for a website
  • Enhanced customer loyalty – By promoting businesses locally micro and small companies can get closer potential clients much more effectively.
  • Pay per click advertising

Who Shouldn’t Use AdWords Express?

Anyone with a large Marketing budget or anyone who wants to take advantage of all the features available in AdWords. AdWords Express is great for the local plumber who doesn’t want to learn AdWords but wants to spend $5-$10/day advertising in the local market. It’s not good for larger businesses that want to continually improve and optimize their campaigns.

In Conclusion

With Adwords Express, small businesses can save time and money preparing marketing campaigns and drastically increase their chances of expanding their local business by investing properly on the Internet. Google manages most of the work for you so it makes a lot of sense for small budget advertisers with a local storefront.

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