Google Ads Ad Extensions: Complete 2020 Guide

google ads ad extensions

Our complete guide to Google Ads ad extensions starts with a helpful video. You can learn more about the types of ad extensions, how to create extensions, and how to add them to your campaigns. Google Ads Ad Extensions Video […]

What is Remarketing? What is Retargeting?

What is Remarketing Retargeting

A lot of people ask the question, what is Remarketing? We do our best to answer that question so you can understand what Retargeting is and how to use it as an advertiser. Ever since the initial release of Remarketing […]

9 Steps To Managing Google Ads For Your Clients

google adwords management

If you are running your own PPC Agency or simply trying to onboard more Google Ads clients, the tips below will be very helpful for getting started. You need to understand your clients and treat their business like your own. […]

How To Set Up Your First Bing Ads Campaign

how to set up your first bing ads campaign

In the video below, we go over how to set-up your first Bing Ads campaign. You can view the video here or click through to YouTube. After you create your account and set-up billing, we show you the step-by-step process […]

How B2B Companies Can Utilize PPC Advertising

ppc advertising for b2b companies

B2B companies in every niche are leveraging the power of PPC advertising to drive more relevant traffic to their businesses website, increase their brand awareness and gain new customers. PPC, or Pay per click advertising, enables B2B companies to capture […]