How Do You Find a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche?

Are you curious how to find a profitable affiliate marketing niche market? We have a video tutorial below in addition to the transcript and some helpful screenshots for you. We don’t think it should be difficult to find your niche market. In addition, we want to give you the tools, tips, and strategies for niche affiliate marketing success.


Video Tutorial



Video Transcript

What’s up everyone, welcome to the Surfside PPC youtube channel. Today we’re going to be going over five different ways to find a niche market for your website. Just make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all of our video updates.

Without further ado, we’re going to go into exactly how to find a a niche market. These are five different methods you can use, the first thing we want to use is the Google Adwords Keyword planner. It’s gonna be one of our methods to basically narrow down niches. We like to use the keyword planner so we can find exactly how much keyword volume there is within certain categories of niche markets or anything like that.

Clickbank Niche Markets

The first website we’re gonna come to is If you’re not familiar with, it’s a huge affiliate marketing marketplace where people submit their products and other affiliate marketers promote their products. They just split the sales, so one of the ways to come through here and find niche markets is to see what’s selling. If I come in here and if you go to the Clickbank marketplace and just click search, you don’t have to type anything in, just click search and it’ll bring up the top results by popularity. You could also probably just type in something similar to this up here marketplace search results or something like that.

Choosing a Niche

What we’re gonna do is is come through here and just see what’s kind of selling what’s popular and that’s one way to find niche markets is to see what is currently selling so this one is about lottery Dominator, so it’s basically about how to win the lottery more often, how to win different scratch offs and different things like that. The guy who made it has won the lottery seven different times apparently.

This next one down here, the lost ways if you look in the category, it’s self-help and survival. So selling a well-respected, down-to-earth product, the lost ways is a good way to sell a good survival product. There you go, there’s another category here self-help and survival. This other one is betting systems, it’s lottery down here, a new battery reconditioning course so there are going to be these green products and conservation. And energy efficiency popular battery battery reconditioning course is now available on Clickbank, great for energy, solar prepper, survival, home, garden, and woodworking. You can see where this works here, so again two things we’ve seen is self-help, survival, and battery reconditioning are all along the same lines. Next, lean belly break through, you are always going to find weight loss products. If you can get into weight loss, the most difficult thing is just building your brand because there’s so much competition with weight loss.

There’s always going to be health and fitness diets and weight loss. That’s always going be a huge niche you will see as we scroll down the page. Organifi green juice was our first massive success so organifi red juice is coming in August. Just different products here, it’s a dietary supplement. Down here you see numerologist, spiritually, and new-age numerology. It’s probably something to do with when you are born and kind of a spiritual product. If you are into those types of things you can go with that. You can sell products related to what men are interested in when they’re looking for women. There’s another niche that is always popular is going to be dating and relationships.

Ted’s Woodworking is not something you’d expect, but a woodworking product is selling really well. Two week paleo hacks, so you can see here is you have a diet cookbook. You have two week diets so basically just looking through here you can see three of the top categories are self-help, survival, health, fitness, diet, and weight loss. Crafts and hobbies with Ted’s Woodworking and if you are interested in relationships.

There’s a couple different options here with Clickbank and what you would do is start to build content around your niche market. Let’s just say I went with the relationship product, I’d probably do a relationship website geared towards women. You would want to just constantly build content for your niche so that you are targeting keywords so that you can keep driving traffic to your website and convert it. You can sell for these types of products. If you go through all of these and don’t like any of these niche markets, which I’m not a huge fan of them in general.

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The next place you want to go is Etsy. is a huge marketplace where people sell their unique goods and they are independent sellers because it is pretty cool. Up at the top they have different options. Let’s just say I love jewelry, let’s just say for example I want to go in the necklaces, you can see there are

keywords and so that you can keep driving traffic to your website and convert it so you can sell for this type of products now let’s just say you go through all these and you’re not you don’t really like any of these niche markets which I’m not a huge fan of them in general the next place we want to go to is Etsy so huge huge market place where people sell their you know sell unique goods independent sellers it’s pretty cool but up here at the top they have all these different options so let’s just say I love jewelry let’s just say that for example let’s just say I want to go in the necklaces you can see there’s all these different options here with necklaces so maybe I make a website just about necklaces and I go and I create each one of these as a different category and I add all my products and then I add an article for each category a long article explaining you know the different options you have different sizes different products different styles different prices you probably have yourself a decent website a decent niche market and that’s just kind of coming in here and going to necklaces they’ve already done some of the work for you here and categorized all the necklaces so if you come into earring the same thing let’s say you go into weddings and decorations centerpieces or cake toppers let’s just say you do wedding products in general you have all these different options here from serving and dining ring bearer pillows plant centerpieces so it’s really just about building content around these things and when you come through here you should be able to find certain things that you have some level of interest in where you’d be able to say okay you know what I think I can sell those products just based on my level of interest so for me let’s go into pet supplies here I have a dog and a cat but let’s just say dog for now so let’s just say I want to come in here and I say Pet Supplies you know let me try to sell pet supplies we’ll come in here and we’ll see what they have so pets collars and leashes maybe I just do dog supplies and then it turns into dog collars dog clothing accessories and shoes coming here you see all these different things here that you have and basically what you want to do is just keep keep on building content around your niche whether it’s you know dog hoodies let’s say I do an article the top thousand dollar Cody’s that you can and I categorize them by color style size you know by the way to the dog all those different things you have so many options up here with with niche markets these are all niche markets up here and that’s basically what I’m trying to get at is every single one of these is some level of a niche market so let’s say you come to clothing and accessories I could probably just create a key chains and lanyards website patches and pins website a scarves and wraps website but what happens when you’re not a hundred percent sure which one you should go with I will show you that in the final step so Etsy great option here along the same lines is that see so that’s gonna be our third way to find a niche market here is Amazon if you go to Amazon you just click departments here you can see they have a million departments and you could just kind of go through all these and try to find something here that you have an interest in so whether it’s home gardening tools sports and outdoors Food and Grocery beauty and health automotive let’s say I’m huge into automotive specifically you know motorcycle power sports you could just come in here click on motorcycle power sports and you can kind of see all these different products here helmets riding gear protective gear you know so if you have an interest in that then you already have yourself a decent niche right there so all you have to do is just come in to this site directory page and there’s just so much just click on the department’s button you just get so many options here just look at electronics computers in office all these options here headphones could be in so niche so so many so many different things you can do now last but not all righty this will be our fourth method our fifth method will be how to determine between two niches so our fourth method is going to be flippa so if you’re not familiar with flipper awesome website where people buy and sell different websites you can see websites domains apps Shopify and Amazon fulfilled by Amazon website so let’s go up to websites here and what I’d like to do is just go into most active so if you go into websites most active it’s showing which websites are receiving the most bids right now and the reason why I like this is you can see 88 bids on this threads King com 50 on basic tech tricks what I like is you can start to find some niche markets in here based on what people are bidding on and then also based on what’s earning them oh so let’s come in here so threads king looks like a clothing store we can open this in a new tab see what it is all right so it just looks like a clothing store so all these most active websites so you see quotes let’s see what this is Universal collection of quotes so basically just a website around quotes so you’re not just limited to these product type niches you could do something with quotes and it makes with Adsense saying it’s only making a dollar a month but you can see you know your 337 pageviews per month you can start growing that and you have yourself a little a little niche market there so let’s go through these real quick so police academies u.s. police academy director directory very unique but you know something that people are probably looking for a lot specifically police or people who are looking for police jobs the stars facts so celebrity website celebrity websites are always huge anything around entertainment in celebrities is humongous people love it simply collectible crochet so DIY crafts content brand with over 1200 net profit and 40k uniques per month so pretty cool crochet website if you like crochet husky portals so let’s say you have a husky so you have a German Shepherd any of these types of things you can create a website just around those types of things so mug joint you know it’s a custom mug Shopify store where you probably just create mugs discount travel so a travel website affordable SEO plans so they probably just it looks like 100% outsource they probably just sell SEO plans and get leads resumes get your resume notice get interviewed so any websites based around jobs are always pretty huge cuz people are always constantly looking for jobs obviously jewelry call another jewelry nutri HD so kind of you go through here and you see all these different niche markets we have so now last but not least I want to come into the keyword planner here and I want to go over how to decide on a niche market so what we’re gonna do is we’re going to come into my pet supplies before and we’re going to click on pet supplies so let’s say I’m not sure if I want to do dog supplies or cat supplies let’s see clicking around here or let’s just say for example I want to sell dog collars let’s just say that or dog collars and leashes something like that and ever see if I want to do dog collars or cat collars but I only want to do one so here’s how I would and I’m not picking this as a niche I’m just doing a quick example so here’s how I do it so dog collars dog leashes I don’t want to show broadly related ideas I I only want to show ideas closely related to my search terms so let’s click get ideas it’s gonna be all locations English Google and what we’re gonna see here search volume trends for the last 12 months so obviously a lot of search volume here dog collars 110,000 dog leashes I’m sure yeah you get into kind of leather dog collars so this is actually a pretty good niche dog collar surprisingly and that’s how quick I just found something I didn’t have this plan beforehand designer dog collars custom dog collars you can see there’s all these different options here so this seems like a pretty good niche now let’s just say I’m not sure maybe I want to do cat collars and cat leashes which probably not gonna have as much search volume but let’s just say I don’t know that if you ever get this error just alright so we’ll see here same exact thing only show closely related ideas cat collars 27,000 cat leashes 12,000 much lower in the average monthly searches so this is easy I just go with dog collars and dog leashes you can see they have similar things here custom personalized designer I’m sure they have leather here we go but just the search volume isn’t there competition still very high so instead of doing cat collars and cat leashes I’m just gonna create my website about dog collars and dog leashes and I’m gonna have my two dogs model all sorts of different collars and leashes custom on my aunt Instagram page on my website I’m gonna build content around each one of these keywords every single one of them here on a build content around so luxury dog collars I want dog collars that cost over $50 people will buy those because they’re clearly searching for them 2400 a month people pay $10,000 for their animals they’ll spend 100 bucks on a collar so this is how you find a niche market you what you want to do is go through to these different websites go to and see what people are selling see what people have grown go to establish websites you can see some of the most popular websites that they have listed here so mom a directory dating website natural healthy living guide to saving investing and becoming rich so you’ll see there’s just all these different options here for niche markets and what you want to do is kind of find what you’re passionate about and then find the niche that works within it so for me that’s how I always find all my niche markets I just try to find things I love so for example marketing I love marketing so I create marketing videos I have a couple other websites I do I don’t usually explain them here too much because I had kind of a competitive and now kind of for competitive purposes but what I do is I just follow the things that I love and if I’m working on something and I find I don’t love it I get it to a point where I can sell it and then to sell it so it’s kind of one of those things what you need to do is just learn how to find a niche and learn how to grow a niche once you find a niche just focus on that don’t go and find another one because it’s easy I just went over a hundred different things you can pick just pick one and just keep working at it and working at it and find your place on the internet where you’re dominating that niche market so that’s our video today make sure you subscribe if you have any questions you could always send us a comment thank you for joining me today.

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