Google Trends: Complete Guide For 2023

Google Trends is a powerful tool that provides information on search trends, allowing users to explore what people are searching for, when they’re searching for it, and where they’re searching from. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into Google Trends, exploring its features and capabilities and providing tips and tricks for leveraging its power to drive traffic and engagement.

In this blog post, you will learn everything you need to know about Google Trends. There are visuals such as videos and images throughout and a video playlist at the bottom that will be helpful. If you are a Marketer, Google Trends is one of the best free tools to try.

Google Trends Video Tutorial

You can watch the video embedded below or you can watch the video on YouTube.

What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a free online tool provided by Google that is entirely free to use that provides data on trending topics, keywords, subjects, and phrases in any industry. The tool analyzes Google searches across platforms like Google News, YouTube, and the general search. It provides real-time data on the number of searches, and the current trends, identify subtopics or related topics and review the search within a geographical area. The information provided can provide you with insights into your target audience and what interests them as you prepare a content strategy or boost your SEO for your website.

What is Google Trends Video

You can watch the video embedded below or you can watch the video on YouTube.

How Does Google Trends Work?

Google Trends works by analyzing the billions of searches that are made on Google every day and presenting the data in an easy-to-use interface. The tool uses a scale from 0 to 100 to indicate the level of interest in a particular search term or topic, with 100 representing peak popularity.

Why is Google Trends Important For Marketers?

Google Trends can be an invaluable tool for businesses and content creators. By analyzing search trends, it can provide insights into consumer behavior, allowing businesses to tailor their products and marketing strategies to meet the needs of their target audience.

For content creators and marketers, Google Trends can provide inspiration for topics and help identify trends that are likely to resonate with their audience. By creating content around popular search terms and topics, creators can increase their visibility and engagement, driving traffic to their site and growing their audience.

How to Use Google Trends Video

You can find our complete Google Trends tutorial below or directly on YouTube. You can learn exactly how to use this amazing free tool offered by Google. For some industries and websites, Google Trends is a must-use Marketing tool.

12 Ways to Use Google Trends

Google trends can be used in several ways to boost your marketing efforts and drive traffic to your website or social media channels. You can use the data from Google Trends to create relevant content for your target audience in real time. Here are some great ways to use Google Trends to stay competitive in your industry.

  1. Keyword Research With Google Trends
  2. You can get all sorts of information on search terms by using Google Trends. If you are looking for trending keywords or popular keywords related to a specific search term or topic, Google Trends will give it to you for free. By researching different topics, you can figure out what people are actively searching. By being the first to know about trending keywords, you can drive traffic to your website before your competitors do.

    Google Trends Keyword Research Video


  3. Explore Topics and Search Terms
  4. One of the most basic uses of Google Trends is to explore the popularity of topics and search terms. By entering a keyword or topic into the search bar, users can see the level of interest over time, as well as related topics and queries.

  5. Compare Search Terms
  6. Google Trends allows users to compare the popularity of up to five search terms at once. This can be a powerful tool for identifying trends and understanding the relative popularity of different keywords.

  7. View Related Topics and Queries
  8. By scrolling down on the Google Trends results page, users can see related topics and queries that are related to their search term. This can be a useful tool for identifying related keywords and topics that may be relevant to a particular business or content creator.

  9. Explore Real-Time Search Data
  10. Google Trends provides real-time search data, allowing users to see what people are searching for at any given moment. This can be a powerful tool for identifying emerging trends and staying on top of the latest news and events.

  11. Market Research
  12. If you are about to launch a new product, promotion, or brand, you need to perform thorough research. With Google Trends, you can learn more about the interest in your product or service and understand the market you plan to launch in. You can use Google Trends to filter to specific locations by simply clicking on the map on the data page.

  13. Generate Blog Post Ideas
  14. Google Trends canhelp you find new and exciting topics to add to your blog and increase your SEO. It’s a sure way to find topics your target audience is interested in and can lead them to your website by including trending keywords and phrases that you find using this tool.

  15. Social Media Strategies
  16. Finding great topics through Google Trends can be effective for your social media strategies. In order to grow your following, you need your brand to stay on trend and relate better to your audience, which can be a daunting task. Google Trend shows you the data your audience is currently looking into to help you plan future posts.

  17. Improve SEO
  18. Google Trends is an effective tool to help you find trending keywords that can help you boost your SEO for your website. The trends will show the popularity of your chosen keywords over time, and you can adjust the date range to look over any timeframe to better distinguish trends and fads. It can help you avoid keywords that may not help and find related keywords that could potentially boost your website traffic.

  19. Discover Related Topics
  20. You can find related topics that can help you plan for future content for your brand through Google Trends. By selecting the Related Topics table, you can review fresh insights into other topics similar to yours that people are interested in. You can use these to generate ideas for upcoming content plans for your social media accounts or your website’s blogs.

  21. Find Seasonal Trends
  22. Some products and services perform better at different times and seasons throughout the year. Using this feature can help you determine the best times to advertise for your brand depending on seasonality to boost your sales and increase your traffic when it matters the most. You can ensure your brand stays relevant.

  23. Monitor Competitors
  24. Within the Google Trends tool, you can use the compare feature to monitor your competitors to see how well they are doing compared to your brand. You can compare up to five search terms or competitors and leverage Google Trends to always stay one step ahead and analyze how you can improve when needed.

    In Summary

    Using Google trends as a marketer can provide valuable insights to help you plan your content strategies, understand trending topics, and improve your SEO. You’ll be able to ultimately boost your traffic and increase your revenue by creating and updating your content to what’s trending at the right times. Ensure you’re always one step ahead of the competition by understanding what your target audience is searching for.

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