How To Use Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads

facebook ads dynamic creative

If you are just getting started with Facebook Ads Dynamic Creative, you have come to the right article. We will cover exactly how Dynamic Facebook Creative Ads work and how you can set them up for your campaign. When you create your Facebook Ads campaigns, it can be very difficult to set-up multiple ads in each individual ad set. However, we have a simple solution for you below.

Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads

You can start by watching the video below, or watching it directly on YouTube. You can create dynamic ads using images, videos, or slideshows. We go over the image dynamic creative ads below for Facebook campaigns.

What is Facebook Dynamic Creative?

Rather than uploading 10-20 ads per ad set, you can create 1 advertisement that includes multiple ad images, headlines, text fields, and descriptions. You can upload up to 10 images, videos, or slideshows. Then, you can create 5 headlines, 5 variations for the Facebook Ads text field, and 5 descriptions. Facebook will serve different ad combinations in your campaign, and continue to serve the top ad combinations over time.

how to create ads dynamic creative

Why Use Facebook Ads Dynamic Creative?

No one will know exactly how a Facebook advertisement will perform until you test it. That’s why it has always been a best practice to create multiple ads in each ad set, including ad copy and images. In addition, you should test video advertising formats as well. It’s vital to A/B test advertisements on every PPC Advertising channel, including Facebook Advertising.

deliver multiple dynamic creative ads

Since dynamic creative accepts up to 10 images/videos, and 5 of each text asset (body text, title, description, CTA), you can easily optimize the ads that serve to potential customers. Dynamic creative takes your images, videos, titles, descriptions, and generates hundreds of ad combinations based on the components that you upload to Facebook Ads.

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How to Use Facebook Dynamic Ads

The entire process is covered below for using Dynamic Ads as you set-up your Facebook Advertising campaign. You first need to enable dynamic creative in your ad set, and then create the ads, and submit your campaign for approval.

1 – Turn on Dynamic Creative

When you are setting up your Facebook campaign, you will have an option during the Ad Set creation process to use Dynamic Creative. All you need to do is turn that option on, and then set-up your ads after you create your Ad Set.

turn on dynamic creative facebook ads

2 – Upload Your Assets

After that, you want to upload your individual assets. You should upload 10 images and then 5 of each text asset for your creative. The more you create, the more ad combinations that Facebook can serve for you.

facebook dynamic ad assets

3 – Upload 10 Images, Videos, or Slideshows

The max you can upload is 10 when it comes to images, videos, or slideshows. I would recommend uploading at least 4, but the best practice is to upload 10 for each dynamic ad.

upload facebook image ads or facebook video ads

4 – Add 5 Text Ad Copies and Website URL

You can use a variety of text for your ads. You can try shorter and longer variations, and focus on different selling points of your products and services. When it comes to your Website URL, you should add parameters so you can track your campaigns into Google Analytics.

Add Text and Website URL

5 – Add 5 Headlines and a Call-To-Action

After you add your text, you can test some different headlines and make sure you choose the best Call-To-Action for your campaign.

Add 5 Headlines and a Call to Action

6 – Add 5 Newsfeed Link Descriptions and Display URL

Last but not least, enter your newsfeed link descriptions and a Display URL. Again, you can try shorter descriptions and longer descriptions to see what resonates best with your audience.

Add 5 News Feed Link Descriptions and Display URL

What Campaign Objectives Allow Dynamic Ads

At the time of writing this article, dynamic creative ads can be applied to Conversion, Traffic, Video Views, Reach, Brand Awareness, and App Install campaigns.

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Benefits of Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads

There are plenty of benefits of using these advertisements. If you have used Responsive Search Ads in Google Ads, you know that one single advertisement can help increase performance. I listed all of the benefits below.

serve the best performing facebook dynamic creative ads

  • Create hundreds of Facebook ad combinations with one advertisement.
  • Find the top-performing combinations of creative ad components for your campaigns.
  • Increase performance by driving more conversions, traffic, video views, and app installations.
  • Deliver creative that converts without having to upload 10-20 advertisements.
  • Perform better in every Facebook ad placement.

In Summary

In the past, you had to upload ads individually including images, videos, and ad copy. Now, you can use dynamic creative ads to serve different ad combinations and learn what works best for your campaign. The reporting is easy to understand and you will increase performance.

If you have any additional questions, make sure you watch the video above. In addition, feel free to leave any questions on YouTube, or in the comments section.

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