Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads): Complete Guide for 2022

You can check out our Microsoft Advertising video tutorial below. Microsoft Advertising used to be called Bing Ads, so if you are looking for a complete Bing Ads guide, it is below. The video tutorial will give you a step-by-step process for setting up your first Microsoft Advertising campaign. We will cover some best practices […]

LinkedIn Advertising: Complete Guide for 2022

If you want to get started with LinkedIn Ads or if you already started and need some LinkedIn Advertising strategies, we have you covered below. Our LinkedIn ads tutorial is detailed and we cover all the basics you need to get started. You will learn how to do everything including setting up LinkedIn ad campaigns […]

12 Google Display Ads Best Practices & Strategies

Check out our video and article below to discover the top Google Display Ads strategies. There is a ton to learn when it comes to the Google Display Network and Google Display Advertising, so our goal is to give you some of the best tips when you are setting up campaigns. You can create successful […]

Google Search Console: Complete Guide For 2022

Google Search Console is a free tool offered by Google that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your website’s presence in the Google Search results. It’s not a requirement to utilize Google Search Console to be included in Google¬†Search results, but the tool helps you learn more about how Google views your website and any […]

Google Ads Discovery Campaigns: Complete Guide 2022

One of the challenges with Google Ads is keeping up with every campaign type. One option advertisers have is the creation of discovery campaigns. What Are Google Ads Discovery Campaigns? Discovery campaigns give you the ability to run advertisements in Google feeds, specifically Gmail, YouTube, and Google Discover. According to Google, you can reach up […]

What is CTR in Marketing and Advertising?

CTR stands for Click-Through-Rate. When you are running a Marketing campaign, CTR measures the number of clicks per impression. A high CTR generally means that your ads are being viewed and you are using relevant targeting. A low CTR means your ads may not be viewable on every page and/or your targeting is not relevant. […]

What is CPC in Marketing and Advertising?

CPC Stands for Cost Per Click. It refers to the average amount that advertisers pay for a click on their advertisements over the course of an Advertising campaign. For example, if I am running a Google Ads campaign and I drive 100 clicks for a cost of $100, then my cost per click (CPC) is […]

What is CPM in Marketing and Advertising?

CPM stands for Cost Per Mille and it stands for your average cost per 1,000 ad impressions. ‘Mille’ is a latin word that means thousand. CPM is a metric that advertisers use to know how much they are paying for impressions. CPM will vary for every advertising platform depending on who you are targeting and […]

6 New Google Keyword Planner Updates

You can find our complete guide to the Google Keyword Planner here.   Google Keyword Planner Updates Video   Check out our video where we cover the 6 new Google Keyword Planner features that were announced. The Google Keyword Planner has changed over the years, and with the new Google Ads interface, Google released the […]

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